Services for Writers


Do you need some help polishing a work-in-progress? Would you like a mentor to guide you along as you get starting on the journey of becoming a published author? I have been writing for 20 years in a variety of genres and enjoy helping people succeed. I offer the following services to writers:

Manuscript critique – Get detailed feedback on your manuscript, including pointing out strengths and weaknesses; help with flow, format, dialogue, scenes, chapter break-down, clarity, how to grab the attention of your target audience, and overall content; pointers for strengthening your story or message; ideas for making your project more marketable.

Content Editing – Hire an experienced writer to find inconsistencies, story problems, grammar and spelling errors, and point out weakness that might cause you to lose points with a potential publisher.

Coaching – I thoroughly enjoy mentoring writers who are serious about learning and honing their craft. I am available to help new and intermediate writers with works-in-progress, brainstorming, developing projects, and getting started as a published author.

Areas of experience include:

  • YA fiction and non-fiction
  • General Christian non-fiction
  • Non-fiction for women
  • Devotionals
  • Middle grade non-fiction
  • Articles
  • Personal experience stories
  • Queries, cover letters, and book proposals

For questions, information on my fees and payment schedule, or to request one of the above services, please e-mail me via my contact page.

What Clients Have to Say

“Jeanette and I have been serving new writers together or alongside each other for years in writers groups, workshops, and conferences. Jeanette is the best kind of editor–kind, caring, and sensitive combined with professional, knowledgeable, and wise. Experienced in both fiction and nonfiction, Jeanette knows how to help any writer take their story or book to the next level, while making this sometimes scary process feel very doable.”
Susy Flory, New York Times bestselling author and director of the West Coast Christian Writers Conference


“Jeanette has been critiquing my work for several years and has consistently offered fresh insight. Often with just small tweaks she brings my words to life on the page. She grasps the ideas I’m trying to convey and shows how to present them in the most concise, clear, and colorful way!” Debbie Warren

“My books would not be in print if Jeanette had not been my mentor and editor.” Diane Harper

“Jeanette has a unique ability to cover it all. She rids my wording of clutter, makes my characters relatable, and without fail shows me where my overviews could use some ‘jazzing up.’ She consistently produces a polished product, and I highly recommend her.” Rebecca Jepson

“Jeanette is an editor with great insight into what makes a story and characters work.  She’s also a very good story coach, always introducing pleasant challenges to take the writing to the next level. She’s been very dependable, meeting every deadline despite the time zone differences and very responsible about communicating any changes to her schedule.  I recommend her services highly.” Eda Utku,


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