Teaching & Speaking

038Speaking at the Sierra Bible Church ladies Christmas event, December 2014

When God teaches me something, I immediately want to pass it on to others, so it seems natural that I would enjoy both teaching and speaking.

For the past ten years, I have offered workshops for those pursuing writing as a ministry, profession, or a more serious hobby. I teach at writers conferences, online, through community centers and adult education programs, and offer workshops for local schools.

Past Writing Workshop Topics:

  • Writing for Publication
  • Writing Your Life Story
  • Mentoring New Writers
  • Devotional Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Writing for Teens
  • When You Just Can’t Write: Tips for Getting Over the Hump
  • No One Wants My Story. Now What?

Talks for school groups include:

  • The Building Blocks of a Story
  • The Writing Life
  • How to Write a Book (This workshop includes creating a class anthology)
  • Writing Someone Else’s Story (Based on Running with Roselle), with an emphasis on not letting limitations get in the way of your dreams

AuthorDayPosterAuthor Day, Del Paso Manor Elementary, February 24, 2015


Although life kept me away from speaking for several years, I still love talking to groups about topics of faith, writing, overcoming limitations and crisis, and grasping our value in Christ. If you are looking for a speaker for your youth group, women’s group, or school, I would love to hear from you. Please e-mail me through my contact page.