Teaching & Speaking


When God teaches me something, I immediately want to pass it on to others, so it seems natural that I would enjoy both teaching and speaking.

For over ten years, I have offered workshops for those pursuing writing as a ministry or profession. I teach at writers conferences, including Mount Hermon and the West Coast Christian Writers Conference, and have offered workshops online, through community centers and adult education programs. I am also available for classroom author visits and workshops.

Past writing workshop topics include…

  • Getting Start or Restarted as a Published Writer (Mount Hermon 2017 Major Morning Track)
  • Making the Most of Your First Writers Conference
  • Secrets of a Successful Writing Career
  • Writing for Publication (6-week community center course)
  • Writing Your Life Story (6-week adult education course – also offered at a senior center)
  • Devotional Writing (as a 1-hour conference workshop and an online course)
  • Article Writing (online course)
  • When You Just Can’t Write: Tips for Getting Over the Hump
  • No One Wants My Story. Now What?

Talks for school groups include:

  • The Building Blocks of a Story
  • The Writing Life
  • How to Write a Book (This workshop includes creating a class anthology)
  • Writing Someone Else’s Story (Based on Running with Roselle), with an emphasis on not letting limitations get in the way of your dreams
  • What’s This Story Really About? The Importance of Take-away.

AuthorDayPosterAuthor Day, Del Paso Manor Elementary, February 24, 2015


I speak from my personal experiences of faith, overcoming limitations and crisis (including becoming a suddenly-single mom and living with low vision), and grasping our value in Christ. If you are looking for a speaker for your youth group, women’s luncheon, or special event, I would love to hear from you. Please e-mail me through my contact page.


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