When God Says, “I Love You”

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Last night, I received a text from Christian saying he’d gotten some time off to visit for Christmas. I was so excited that I couldn’t even write my weekly blog post! I posted the news on Facebook and sent praise reports to friends who’d been praying. I immediately got busy making an Amtrak reservation for him. There was a seat available on the California Zephyr from Reno to the Bay Area (the nicer train that doesn’t require any transfers), but for the return trip his only option was a commuter to Sacramento and a transfer to a bus. I hurried to make the reservation before the Zephyr from Reno also filled up, and ended my day feeling deeply loved by God.


Christian was coming for Christmas!

I heard from him in time to at least get a spot on the Zephyr for the trip down. (When traveling from Reno in December, that train is always better than a bus/commuter combo in the event of a Christmas snow storm.)

I’d had time to make the reservation right away, before that train filled up.

The arrangement for the trip home wasn’t ideal, but he had a ticket.

Thank you, Lord!

Don’t misunderstand—I am not promoting the message that God’s love is always translated, “I prayed and got what I asked for.” Last year Christian couldn’t get time off for Christmas. He didn’t get the official word until a week before. I’d prayed like crazy and put in prayer requests at church and Bible study. Seeing the text saying he couldn’t come, felt like a punch in the heart. Picturing Christian alone on Christmas Day broke my already-punched heart.

“We need to go to him.” I told my dad.

He’d just had the same thought, so had my sister Kristy.

Dad called every hotel in Reno until he found a room. We took Christmas to Christian on December 26 and hung out with him for three wonderful days.

Brothers, together for the first time in a year! I love that they are 11 1/2 years apart but still stand alike and have the same, “Just hurry up and take the picture” expression.

God was just as loving last year as this year, only in a different way. I am convinced that Christian needed to see that we wanted to be with him so badly that we were willing to cancel our trip to the cabin and pay holiday rates for a hotel.

Sometimes we need a reminder that we’re loved.

God knows exactly how to show us, “I love you,” or “These people love you,” or both.

He knows when we need to have our prayer answered in time to have one less thing to stress over.

He knows when we need our desire to appear to go unmet so His love can overflow in an unexpected way, possibly even for someone else’s benefit.

God has been teaching me a lot about what His love looks like in everyday life. It started when I decided to choose a word for the year for the first time. I’d chosen Jeremiah 31:3 (“I have loved you with an everlasting love…”) as my verse for 2016, so when the word Loved kept coming to mind, I knew that must be the word that God wanted me to focus on. I sensed that He wanted me to grasp once and for all that I was loved, by Him and by the people He’d filled my life with.

I started paying attention to God’s “You are loved” messages, so much so that I’m planning for it will be the topic of my next book. For now, I decided to end 2016 with a little celebration, and declare December my 31 Days of Loved.

Consider it a continuation of the 30 Days of Gratitude that many of our Facebook friends observed in November.

I decided to end 2016 with a little celebration, and declare December my 31 Days of Loved. Click To Tweet

Each day, I will share something about God’s love on Facebook.

How He says, “You’re loved” through an answered prayer, someone’s kindness, or a beautiful reminder in nature.

How He shows love to my sons.

An opportunity to express His love to someone else.

A verse that He has made real to me.


I would love to have you join me!


How has God revealed His love to you this year? What has He taught you about His everlasting love?

How has God revealed His love to you this year? Click To Tweet

“The Lord appeared to us in the past saying, ‘I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with lovingkindness.’”

Jeremiah 31:3

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  1. miriam sarzotti

    Lovely idea and post Jeanette-

    God showed his love to me this year by allowing me to publish my book now that my father has passed away. I had to wait and be patient but His timing is always perfect. He also brought healing to the memories and pain of the sexual abuse by my dad, once he passed, when he appeared to me in a dream and asked my forgiveness. It was beautiful!

    • Jeanette Hanscome

      What a beautiful thing, Miriam! Thank you so much for sharing this. God knows exactly what our heart needs. I love that about Him. I’m so thankful that He also freed you to finally write your book. I pray that many hearts will be healed through your story.

    • Jeanette Hanscome

      I just read the post, Jenni! Annonamous gifts are the best kind! I pray that you will continue to see God provide for your desires. Love you, beautiful friend.

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