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I had a hard time coming up with a topic to blog about this week, not because I don’t have anything to say, and not only because the week leading up to Christmas has been extremely busy. My challenge is staying focused. I’m like a little kid who got a hint that she is going to receive exactly what she requested for Christmas and can’t wait for Santa to leave it under the tree.


I know what two of my gifts are. Dad has a tradition of buying each of his girls (me, Sherry, Kristy, and Mom) our favorite perfume. He always gets the big bottle so it will last all year. My signature fragrance got discontinued, so did Sherry’s, so we chose new ones this year. (I’ll save my history of choosing perfumes that I fall in love with only to have them get discontinued, and the significance of each, for another post.) After a long search, I found French Lavender & Honey. It’s heavenly! I also know I’m getting a cute burgundy sweater. Mom always has us pick out a clothing item for her to wrap up.

But anticipating these gifts is not what has my brain in a tizzy of excitement.

I’m waiting for my oldest man-child to arrive! As of right now, his train is due to pull into the Martinez Amtrak station at 2:29 p.m., 37 minutes early. I can hardly stand it! By the time my e-mail subscribers get this post in their inbox, Christian will be here.


If Christian’s visit was all I got for Christmas, I would be satisfied.

Anticipating these gifts is not what has my brain in a tizzy of excitement. Click To Tweet

He is staying until Tuesday morning—four and a half days that I know will go way too quickly. For the first time in two years, Mom and Dad will have all of their grandkids together for Christmas. He will get to attend the Christmas Eve service and see me sing with the choir, cook with my dad, and help us decorate cookies. It’s likely that he will spend a lot of time playing video games with his brother, but even that will give me joy, because they’ll be playing them together.

brotherbonding_2013_smallI love this picture from three years ago. I don’t know what Nate is laughing about, but I have a feeling it’s about me.

I am counting down the minutes until I get to witness that cute brother-bonding moment when, no matter how much time has passed since the last visit, Christian and Nate connect like magnets and just kind of pick up where they left off. Although, I have a feeling that Christian will need to take a minute first to get over the shock of discovering that his little brother has passed him up in height.


This year, Christmas is all about Christian coming. What a precious reminder that holidays are about so much more than the fun-but-superficial stuff we clutter them up with. For me, this Christmas is about celebrating Jesus and the presence of two wonderful sons that God blessed me with.

What is your Christmas about this year (besides Christ, of course)? Who are you eager to spend time with? What or whom do you consider your best gift?


What is your Christmas about this year (besides Christ, of course)? Click To Tweet

May your Christmas be filled with the joy of Christ!

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  1. I love being with my family on Christmas and I’m so glad you’ll get to be with yours. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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