Soaring Two Years Later

Mar 29, 2017 by

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For the next couple of weeks I am refreshing or re-posting old blog posts so I can focus on preparation for the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. This one is an old story with an updated ending.


My friend Xochi and I relaxed on a bench, occasionally hopping up to hug friends goodbye as they headed to their cars or the airport shuttle. It was the last day of the 2015 Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference—always a bittersweet time. We’d spent four and a half days learning, connecting with editors, agents and fellow writers, and hearing from God in unique ways that seem to only happen at Mount Hermon. Now it was time to come down from the mountaintop and put what we’d learned to good use. Both of us had spent the long weekend regaining confidence for different reasons, and receiving reminders that God had a plan for us, that He loved us deeply, that it was time to push past the fears and insecurities that so often held us back and write brave.

Xochi grabbed my hand. “It’s time to soar, sister!”

We prayed together right there on the bench, that we would hold onto this courage and renewed strength once we got home and real life met us at the door. After we said Amen, I realized where we were sitting—right across from the gift shop.

“You know what we need to do?” I looked at Xochi. “We should buy something to mark this day.”

“I was just thinking the same thing. Let’s go!”

We headed into the shop. I immediately went for the jewelry and Xochi searched for a plaque with a verse on it. I had no idea what I wanted, but I trusted I’d know when I saw it.

The saleswoman asked, “May I help you find something?” Xochi had chosen her plaque, so she piped in on my behalf.

“Do you have anything that represents soaring or spreading your wings . . . like . . .” She smiled at me, “a butterfly?”

Yes! That’s what I want! I added, “Maybe a necklace?”

“I think we might.” The woman led us to a case filled with the usual selection of crosses. She turned the case and opened it. “What about this?” She handed me a box.

I looked inside, and immediately knew I’d found my It’s time to soar reminder—a silver butterfly with a cross in the center. “It’s perfect.”

photo 2-1 (2)

I hoped this moment would prove to be as significant as it felt. Xochi and I both really needed it to be!

It turned out that it was, and that butterflies were about to become my theme for the year.

“Remember, butterfly, you’re soaring now!” Xochi reminded me again and again, when I lost touch with courage.


My butterfly necklace now hangs around Anne of Green Gables’ neck, but butterflies still remind me of letting go of fear and soaring.


I’m just soaring in different ways.

My butterfly necklace now hangs around Anne of Green Gables’ neck, but butterflies still remind me of letting go of fear and soaring. Click To Tweet

Next week, I will head to Mount Hermon again, this time as a Major Morning Track instructor. I’m also leading the First-Timers Orientation and overseeing Conference Connections, a simplified reboot of my old First-Timers Buddy System. Instead of pitching book proposals to editors, I will be available to registrants to talk about their writing, offer prayer if they want it, and encourage them. I have a feeling that God has other exciting things waiting for me too, like He does every year that I attend this conference, I just don’t know what they are yet!

I think I will bring a butterfly with me as a reminder of what God has done, and that we never stop needing courage as we follow His plan for us.

How have your grown since taking steps of courage? In what new ways are you getting ready to soar?

IMG_2315In what new ways are you getting ready to soar? Click To Tweet

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  1. I love this story and am excited to see what God has planned for us as we soar, wherever He takes us. Praying for you!

    • Jeanette Hanscome

      It will be so exciting to see what God has in mind for this year!

  2. I love you, your butterfly necklace, and your story! <3

  3. Curt Barry

    I am in a transition in my life after working many years I am turning the business over to my son and the employees and cutting back. I found this inspiring. May God bless you all.

    • Jeanette Hanscome

      Thank you so much, Curt! Transitions can be exciting and scary at the same time. I pray that you will see something wonderful unfold as you see what God has next for you. Blessings back to you!

  4. Naana

    Thank you, I needed to read this today as I have in the last few weeks been searching for where and what God will lead me to. Butterflies have always been my go to image. I feel I have not persevered with my writing. It is time to soar–write bold!

    • Jeanette Hanscome

      Thank you so much for this comment, Naana! It’s fun to connect with another “butterfly girl.” It amazes me how many women find meaning in butterflies, and each one for a different reason.

      I pray that God will give you His clarity and direction as you seek His plan for your writing! As a friend and I used to tell each other on an almost-weekly basis–write brave!

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