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A few weeks ago, Dad handed me a stack of mail that included my credit card bill, a letter informing me that I qualified for a car loan (Yay!), a piece of junk mail addressed to my former husband (Did they not get the notice that he moved?), and a fat envelope with my name written in whimsical bubble letters.


As soon as I saw that last piece of mail, I knew I’d received something fun from my friend Lisa. I carefully opened the envelope, not wanting to tear the cute sticker on the back of it. Seeing the envelope completely turned my day around. I wasn’t necessarily having a bad day, just a blah, uninspired, filling-with-self-doubt and a touch of drama, maybe I should quit writing and go help the guy who collects carts at the Dublin Target, day. Lisa’s card included an encouraging note that reminded me, “You are valuable and loved.” I no longer wanted to collect carts at Target, or listen to the pitiful monologue in my head. What I wanted to do was hug Lisa, but she lives in New York.

She made the coloring sheet! (She wrote a series of coloring book devotionals that I highly recommend.) I couldn’t wait to color it! When I finally found time to a week later, I felt the love of receiving her package all over again, and thought of a few people that I wanted to send cards to. The envelope and its contents are tucked into my journal to treasure forever.


I love having creative friends who are also encouragers!

Sometimes we just need to receive mail—something besides a bill, or a letter that screams “We really don’t know you at all, but we’d still be happy to scam you,” or a reminder of who moved six years ago.

We need reminders that someone beside a creditor is thinking about us.

We need reminders that we have people in our lives who would never dream of scamming us into a car loan when we don’t even have a driver’s license.

Reminders that, though some have chosen to move out of our lives, others really like having us around.

Reminders that we are worth the time it takes to write a note, and maybe even add something fun to go with it.

This kind of mail has special powers! I’m sure you’ve experienced these powers in moments when you got something that you knew would make you smile before you opened it.

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It had a friend’s name and address in the top left-hand corner.

The address was handwritten, and not by a machine!

The envelope did not include Time Sensitive Material. Open Immediately.

Maybe it was even fatter than a card, meaning that there was something tucked into the card.

It wasn’t even your Birthday!

You didn’t mention anything about feeling discouraged, but it arrived on a day when you were headed in that direction.

This kind of mail often feels like a gift from God as well as a gift from a friend, because He is the One who arranges for it to arrive exactly when we need it, sometimes even as a colorful light in a stack of stuff we don’t even need to bother reading.

When has God sent a surprise when you needed it? When was the last time you made it possible for a friend to find something in her mailbox besides bills and ads?

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25 (NLT)

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  1. I’d send you a card if I knew your street address.

  2. How fun, Jeanette! I was a recipient of Lisa’s mail after Mt. Hermon this year, and I can attest to how much that kind of mail can brighten one’s day! It’s hard to stop smiling for awhile (not that you’d want to).


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