2015: A Year in Review

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I usually enjoy the end-of-the-year recaps that air on New Year’s Eve. Yesterday, however, I found those looks back at 2015 rather depressing. So I decided to do my own recap of what 2015 brought to my little world.

My First Bible Verse. For the first time, I chose a verse for the year—Isaiah 43:18-19—and spent the year watching God bring it to life. (See my blog post, “Celebrating God’s New Thing” for the full story on that.) I enjoyed it so much that this year I plan to choose another verse as well as a special word.

Nate the Great Grows Up. In April, my baby turned 13. A week later, he headed to Disneyland with the Iron Horse Middle School Jazz Band for the adventure of his life (so far). Relive his experience here and here.

The Best Birthday Gift Ever. The day before my birthday, my agent called with exciting news: after months of submitting proposals and waiting, a publisher was interested in my book, Suddenly Single Mom. A few weeks later, I signed the contract and enjoyed my first opportunity to immortalize the moment on social media. I spent the next five months in my room writing (I came out for meals, choir and worship team practice, occasional trips to Target, a family reunion, and coffee dates with friends so I wouldn’t forget how to have a normal conversation) and discovered some benefits to reliving the past. “When Dreams Come True” was the first of many posts that chronicled this answer to prayer.

Learning the Definition of “Rustic.” In August, Dad’s cousins from around the country (and the Bay Area, and Turlock) gathered for a long-awaited family reunion. Thanks to a bedbug infestation that relocated the event, we grew closer as a family and learned to appreciate God’s surprises. For a stirring testimonial, enjoy my post, “Bed Bugs and Rustic Living.”

Misc. Events. In 2015, I also ended a 2 ½-year break from singing (see “The Long Wait”), participated in my first television interview with three author friends (highlights here), attempted book art for the first time (see this post), and experienced a lot of healing and growth, much of which resulted in blogging material.

Now it’s time to see what God has in mind for 2016!

What are some of your highlights from 2015?

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